The name TATTOO MAFIA means everyone that is tattooed is family.  Once your in, your in for life!

No matter where you go in the world we have a common bond that makes us all feel like be belong.

We are in the business of truly uniting people by the art they wear on their skin.



We are a custom Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio that specializes in a wide range of styles and services.

From traditional and Neo traditional. All the way to photo realism and portrait work.

We also provide services for coverups and rework of existing tattoos as well as scar cover ups.

We also offer Professional Body Piercing with a APP certified and trained Body Piercing staff.

With one of the largest jewelry selections in the area you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for a clean friendly environment with a knowledgeable staff with over 20 years of experience. 

Welcome to your new Tattoo Studio.


All staff is trained and certified in the prevention of Blood Borne Pathogens as well as First Aid and CPR.

By a certified Red Cross instructor in house every year.

As well as hand washing stations plan view for every artist on staff.


For the Safety of all of our Clients.



MAY 18, 2017                         5  STAR

Best shop around. Very clean and friendly. The staff is knowledgeable in every aspect of what they do and provide to their customers. I’ve had some past issues with artist being a little heavy handed, which caused some scaring in my tattoo. I got to work with Ian finishing up my half sleeve and his work is great. Walked about without a bandage and the next day there is no scabbing or swelling. My skin feels smooth and pain free. Ian has the hands of an angel, lol. Best tattooing experience I’ve had and highly recommend them to anyone. Well worth the money.




AUGUST 30, 2017                 5  STAR

Y’all! If you’re not getting your tattoos done at Tattoo Mafia Inc., you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Absolutely an amazing experience with this shop!! Let me break it down for you:

The shop; completely clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You walk in and BAM! you immediately know that this is a place where professional artists work.

The staff; super friendly, attentive, and do a great job matching you with an artist for the type/style of tattoo that you’re looking to get! They work well with scheduling you and making sure you’re taken care of when it comes to after care.

My artist, Emily Graven; an outstanding artist who did some beyond excellent script work for me. Her line work is cleaner than the inside of a bottle of bleach. From consultation to finished product, she kept me in the loop with the design and size of what I wanted to get, ensured a comfortable atmosphere during my session, and completely knocked my tattoo out of the park!

When I get another tattoo, you can bet that I will be going here! I’m tell y’all, think before you ink and choose Tattoo Mafia Inc.!!!




AUGUST 26, 2017                 05  STAR

Just got home from a full day session with Lisa. I had to wait 6 months for a Saturday full day session to finish a tattoo that was started by another artist (I wasn’t happy with the previous artist’s work). I will tell you what though, it was WELL worth the wait. And you get what you pay for. Lisa is truly an amazing artist. It’s no wonder her and her husband are in high demand for appointments. She put a lot of time and detail into creating a tattoo exactly like I imagined. The staff are all amazing. They constantly check on everyone and make sure you’re okay and see if you need anything. They really make you feel comfortable, and they are fun and awesome people to be around. Highly recommend these guys. I’ll be back for more in the future! Thanks Lisa!!!